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Electrical Conductor Cables & Overhead Conductors

We supply electrical conductor cable across a range of industries such as power delivery and the railway transport network. The range includes overhead line conductors (OHLC), return screened conductors (RSC) and earth bonding conductors.

We hold approvals from Network Rail, Eurostar and other major rail suppliers to produce and supply these cables into the rail industry.

Materials include:

Bare copper
Tinned copper
Enameled copper
Aluminium and aluminium alloy
Steel reinforced aluminium
Insulation, to include PVC, polyester and other specialist coatings

Precision Metals EU are specialist manufacturers of Wire and Cable and can provide free quotations on your requirements. Please get in touch to arrange this.

The following list is taken from Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/04797.

AAC / AAAC Cables - All Aluminium Conductor / All Aluminium Alloy Conductor

DescriptionOLEMI No.Catalogue No.Nominal CSACODE Names
19/3.25mm Aluminium148/044/998091/010267150Hornet
19/3.25mm Aluminium Insulated148/046/998091/010318150PVC Hornet
19/3.25mm Hard Drawn Aluminium PVC Yellow148/444/998091/030337150PVC Hornet Yellow
19/4.22mm Aluminium148/045/998091/010268250Cockroach
19/4.22mm Aluminium148/047/998091/010319250PVC Cockroach
37/3.78mm Aluminium148/752/998091/030481400Centipede

ACSR - Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable AWAC - Aluminium Covered Steel / Aluminium Conductor

DescriptionOLEMI No.Catalogue No.Nominal CSACODE Names
7/3.95mm AWAC148.075.998091/01034942AWAC

Copper Flexible Stranded Conductors

DescriptionOLEMI No.Catalogue No.Nominal CSACODE Names
37/0.104in (37/2.64mm) Copper148/867/998091/010424200
19/0.112in (19/2845mm) Copper148/866/998091/010528
37/0.093in (37/2.36mm) Copper148/871/998091/011144
19/3.20mm Hard Drawn Copper148/048/998091/010269150
19//7/0.711 Copper Flexible148/070/998091/01027152Jumper Wire