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Our Precision Wire Processing Services

Precision Metals EU are industry leaders in precision wire processing. We have three European processing facilities, with a dedicated wire processing facility at the Knight Precision Wire base in the UK. With an industry recognised reputation for quality, our extensive range of services, include Stockholding, Cut to Length, Polishing and Cleaning, Rewinding and Special Forms, Stranding and Bunching and Braiding. We offer wire processing at a competitive price, with the flexibility to select only the services you need and want, giving you maximum versatility and minimum cost. As a result, we are the supplier of choice for manufacturers of all sizes who achieve their lean manufacturing goals through our quality products and processing.

We understand that most manufacturers are facing increasing demands to deliver goods within tighter time frames and even tighter margins. We can help you reduce your production time and costs by working together to identify the best processing options to meet your specific needs. You can be confident that your material will be prepared and delivered to the exact size, length and finish you need.

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Also available:

Sub Contract Processing

In addition to our extensive stockholding, we can also process your own material at a competitive price.

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