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Rail & Utilities

Available in strip and wire

Why choose us as supplier of precision strip and wire for utilities and rail applications?

Under the Rowan Cable Products brand name, we are a key manufacturer and supplier of electrical overhead line conductors (OHCL), return screened conductors (RSC) and earth bonding conductors for the rail and utility power transmission industries. Materials are supplied to high quality standards, and our products are approved by the major railway companies.

Our accreditations are proof that we operate to the highest standards:

  • BE EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
  • BS EN ISO AS9100 (manufacture of products for Aerospace, Space and Defence)
  • BS EN ISO AS9120 (stock holding and supply of Aerospace material)

An integral element of this accreditation is our inclusion in the internationally recognised Achilles RISQS database of approved Railway industry suppliers and the Achilles UVDB database of approved Utility industry suppliers.

Our many Rail and Utility company approvals include:

  • Network Rail
  • Eurostar
  • Metronet Rail

We also produce numerous special products for the Rail and Utility industry including:

Electrical conductor cable

Overhead line conductors (OHLC)

Return screened conductors (RSC)

Earth bonding conductors

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