Knufoil: Stainless Steel Tool Wrap - Precision Metals EU

KNUFOIL is a special Stainless Steel alloy foil, commonly used for tool wrap applications.

Our Stainless Steel Tool Wrap provides a quick and low cost method of protecting the surface of tools, dies and other parts during the hardening process by preventing decarburization (scaling). Protecting the surface of your tools is simple using KNUFOIL to create envelopes. These Tool Wrap envelopes lock out the air and as a result, eliminate the need for expensive protective atmosphere furnaces. Furthermore, this process only increases hardening time by two or three minutes.

A further major advantage is the option to use a faster quenching medium, – for example, using water rather than oil. This is due to the insulating effect of KNUFOIL in the quenching medium, which is sufficient to reduce the risk of cracking that is normally the result of using of a faster quench. Equally, it eliminates the need for encapsulating or coating the product in a protective material, which might be difficult to remove after hardening. By using our Tool Wrap, manufactures have a low cost alternative to using expensive protective atmosphere furnaces.

We supply KNUFOIL is our standard width of 610 mm. Other widths are available upon request, please contact our sales team for further information. You can purchase KNUFOIL directly from our sister website, KSM Direct. We offer bulk pricing on two or more rolls.


Thickness: 0.05 mm

Width: 610 mm

Length: 7.65 m


Simple, low-cost method of clean hardening high carbon, alloy and air-hardening steels

Eliminating the need for encapsulating or coating the product in a protective material

No need to use expensive protective atmosphere furnaces

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