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As part of the Knight Group, Precision Metals EU manufactures resistance wire materials and products under the brand Omega Resistance Wire.

We are a well-established and highly-qualified manufacturer of electrical resistance wire and nickel chromium alloy wire for applications demanding high quality, reliability and service.

Our products are produced to the highest international standards, and we export worldwide to some of the most distinguished companies.

Why use Resistance Wire?
Resistance Wire offers a number of advantages across a range of applications. The material’s high resistivity, particularly in short wire applications, makes it ideal for use in products requiring managed heat properties, and high-temperature and coiled heat applications, including:

  • heat treatment
  • control resistors
  • thermocouples
  • electrical heating elements (toasters, heated seats, blow dryers, electric heaters)
  • glass sealing applications

What alloys do Precision Metals EU use for Resistance Wire?
In many applications, the stability of the resistor is of primary importance, and thus the alloy’s temperature coefficient of resistivity and corrosion resistance determine the material selection.

Depending on your needs and the application requirements, we are able to provide Resistance Wire using the following alloys:

  • Iron Chrome Aluminium: ICA135, 145
  • Nickel Chrome: NiCr80/20, NiCr60/16, NiCr37/18
  • Copper Nickel: CuNi44, CuNi30, CuNi6
  • Nickel Iron: NiFe42, NiFe48, NiFe52, NiFeCo
  • Pure Nickel and Alloy: 200, 212

Why use Precision Metals EU?
At Precision Metals EU, we’re able to meet every customer’s specific product requirements. We stock an exceptionally wide range of speciality wire, but have also extended our capabilities for creating bespoke solutions through our in-house range of production equipment, which includes:

  • wire drawing and annealing
  • wire rolling into tape or ribbon
  • shearing of coil into strip
  • straightening and cut-to-length
  • wire spooling and coiling
  • wire polishing and cleaning
  • wire rope stranding

Additionally, our technical and materials experience enables us to provide effective solutions to your wire problems. We are able to guide you on which materials would be best suited to your applications, and manufacture Resistance Wire to your required specification.

Our extensive stock of quality materials enables us to offer custom solutions for trials or production with short lead times and fast turnaround.

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