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The Knight Group are one of the largest independent processors in Europe, with 26 slitting and shearing machines, providing a large workload capacity and fast turnaround times to meet even the most demanding deadlines.

Our machines are state of the art, with ultrafine tolerances and a substantially superior width to thickness ratio of 3:1 compared to the industry standard of 8:1, capable of processing all material sizes and specifications.

We have a skilled team of experienced machine operators that ensure the efficient and safe running of our production facilities, with all materials handled with the care from arrival to dispatch.

Slit Width Tolerances Dimensions in (mm)

Specified Thickness:


Specified Thickness:

Up To




40 < W <150


150 < W <305



0.0250.25± 0.10± 0.12± 0.15± 0.20
0.250.5± 0.12± 0.15± 0.20± 0.25
0.51± 0.15± 0.20± 0.25± 0.30
12± 0.20± 0.25± 0.30± 0.35
24± 0.25± 0.30± 0.35± 0.40
46.5± 0.30± 0.35± 0.40± 0.45

26 Slitting Machines for all Sizes and Material Specifications

Low Width Thickness Ratio 3:1 unique to the industry (normal minimum is 8:1)

Ability to offer Ultrafine Width Tolerances down to +/- 0.025mm (0.001”)

Thicknesses – 0.013mm to 6.5mm

Widths – 0.64mm to 1100mm (.025” to 43”)

Sub Contract Processing

As a group, we continue to invest heavily in our bespoke machinery and training our established team of operators. As a result, we can offer a truly comprehensive range of processing to complement our extensive range of stocked material.

In addition to our extensive stockholding, we can also process your own material at a competitive price.

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