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Hot Cutting Wire

Resistance wire is used as a hot cutting wire for the accurate cutting of complex shapes from polystyrene foam (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS). Depending on the application, the resistance wire is generally a special nickel alloy or stainless steel and is heated to approximately 200°C by electrical resistance.

Hot wire cutting is used extensively in the packaging industry and for cutting shapes for R&D prototyping, modelling and architectural mouldings.

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MaterialPhysical & Service Properties
ORW - LGood heating characteristics and easily bent to shape for hand cutting of patterns.
ORW - MModerate strength and low electrical resistivity are utilised for low heat applications.
ORW - HGood heating characteristics in a medium strength wire.
ORW - EHHigh strength at elevated temperature, with good creep resistance. The best general purpose cutting wire.
ORW - SThe highest specification cutting wire. Very high strength at elevated temperatures, with high creep resistance.
MaterialResistivity µΩ/cmDensity g/cm³Strength N/mm²Max. Op. Temp.°CCoefficient of Expansion µm/m°C
ORW - L1088.35800115017.5
ORW - M708120095017.6
ORW - H1228.28130070012.6
ORW - EH1188.18140095012.7
ORW - S1318.25160098013.6