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Duplex Stainless Steels have a dual Austenitic-Ferritic structure, offering a combination of superior properties compared to other Stainless Steel grades. These alloys provide improved corrosion resistance, particularly against pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking, with nearly twice the strength of Austenitic Stainless Steels and improved toughness and ductility over Ferritic grades.

Available Duplex And Super Duplex

1.4062 / 2202 / S 32202

1.4462 / 2205 / S 32205

1.4362 / 2304 / S 32304

1.4410 / 2507 / S 32750

1.4662 / (LDX) 2404 / S 82441

1.4162 / (LDX) 2101 / S 32101

What are the benefits of using Duplex And Super Duplex?

High strength, good toughness, and good heat resistance.

Hardened by quenching and tempered to give improved toughness and ductility.

What are the disadvantages of using Duplex And Super Duplex?

Less resistant to corrosion compared to Austenitic and Ferritic grades.

Limited formability and welding capabilities.

Duplex and Super Duplex Overview

Discover the Advantages of Duplex Stainless Steel for High-Performance Manufacturing Solutions

Duplex Stainless Steel, a unique combination of Austenitic and Ferritic structures, offers manufacturers a range of benefits, including enhanced strength, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. With its dual-phase microstructure, Duplex Stainless Steel provides an ideal solution for various demanding applications.


Benefits of Duplex Stainless Steel:

  • Dual Austenitic-Ferritic structure for balanced properties
  • Higher annealed strengths for improved durability
  • Enhanced stress relaxation and fatigue properties
  • Superior tensile strength for demanding applications
  • Greater corrosion and pitting resistance for extended service life
  • Lighter weight compared to other stainless steel grades
  • Lower cost alternative to Austenitic Stainless Steels

While these magnetic alloys are not hardenable by heat treatment, they offer many additional advantages over other stainless steels. Manufacturers choose these alloys for a wide range of applications due to their higher annealed strengths, stress relaxation and fatigue properties, superior tensile strength, excellent corrosion and pitting resistance and lighter weight. These alloys gain their mechanical strength from alloying with nitrogen; higher strength supports weight reduction. This, in turn, offers environmental benefits over other Steels as the lower weight reduces transport and assembly costs.


Super Duplex: The Ultimate Choice for Extreme Environments

Super Duplex offers additional benefits for even more demanding applications, thanks to its higher chromium content. This advanced material provides enhanced mechanical properties and superior corrosion resistance, making it the perfect choice for challenging environments where other materials may falter. Super Duplexes are a popular choice for the Marine, Petrochemical, and Nuclear Power Generation sectors.


Super Alloys

As a result of their attractive combination of properties, Duplexes are commonly described as Super Alloys. These Super Alloys can be strengthened by cold work and has lower thermal expansion and higher heat conductivity than Austenitic Steel strip. They also provide a low cost alternative to Austenitic Stainless Steels, owing to their lower nickel content.


Innovative Material Development 

Since the inception of Duplex Stainless Steel in the 1920s, ongoing advancements in material development have created additional Duplex alloys. Greater control of the nitrogen alloying element has made Duplexes a progressively popular choice in modern manufacturing. As the applications for Super Alloys rise, demand is increasing, incentivising the development and release of additional grades. We work closely with the mills to ensure the Precision Metals EU offers the latest material development innovations, ensuring you keep your competitive edge.


Take Your Manufacturing to the Next Level with Duplex Stainless Steel

Contact the Precision Metals EU today to learn more about the benefits of Duplex Stainless Steel and how it can revolutionise your manufacturing processes. As specialist Stainless Steel suppliers, we supply precision strip and precision wire in a range of Duplex grades. Our team of experts is ready to help you find the perfect material solution for your unique application..

Chemical Properties
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)TYPICAL CHEMICAL COMPOSITION %
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fitCSiMnPSCrMoNiNCuOther
1.4062--2202S 322020. - 24.00.451.0 - 2.90.16 - 0.28--
1.4462X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-2205S 322050. - 23.02.5 - 354.5 - 6.50.1 - 0.22--
1.4362X2CrNiN23–4-2304S 323040. - 24.50.1 - 0.63.5 - 5.50.05 - 0.200.1 - 0.6-
1.4410X2CrNiMoN25–7-4-2507S 327500. - 26.03.0 - 4.56.0 - 8.00.24 - 0.35--
1.4662X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-(LDX) 2404S 824410.030.72.5 - 4.00.0350.00523.0 - 25.01.0 - 2.03.0 - 4.50.2 - 0.30.1 - 0.8-
1.4162X2CrMnNiN21–5-1-(LDX) 2101S 321010.041.04.0 - - 22.00.1 - 0.81.35 - 1.900.20 - 0.250.1 - 0.8-
Mechanical Properties (Strip)
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)Proof Strength 0.2% Min (N/mm2)Tensile StrengthElong. % Min. (50mm Gauge Length)Hardness Max (VPN)Surface Finish
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fit
1.4062--2202S 32202380650 - 900303052B & 2R
1.4462X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-2205S 32205450650 - 880252842B & 2R
1.4362X2CrNiN23–4-2304S 32304400600 - 830252742B & 2R
1.4410X2CrNiMoN25–7-4-2507S 32750530730 - 950253052B & 2R
1.4662X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-(LDX) 2404S 82441450650 - 900253052B & 2R
1.4162X2CrMnNiN21–5-1-(LDX) 2101S 32101400650 - 900253052B & 2R
Mechanical Properties (Wire)
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)Maximum tensile strength N/mm²
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fitWire dia 13.0 – 6.0mmWire dia 6.00 – 1.50mmWire dia 1.50 – 0.50mmWire dia 0.50 – 0.10mm
1.4062--2202S 32202Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4462X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-2205S 32205Available on request.
1.4362X2CrNiN23–4-2304S 32304Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4410X2CrNiMoN25–7-4-2507S 32750Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4662X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-(LDX) 2404S 82441Not available as wire. Strip products available.
1.4162X2CrMnNiN21–5-1-(LDX) 2101S 32101Not available as wire. Strip products available.
Features and Applications
European Designation EN 10088-2 2014Former BS Standard (Wire Only)American Designation (ASTM)Key FeaturesKey MarketsApplications
NumberNameBS 1554 1990 nearest fitAISI nearest fitUNS nearest fit
1.4062--2202S 32202Duplex 2202 (1.4062) is a dual-phase Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel. It offers elevated yield strength, with good resistance to stress corrosion cracking. This alloy offers good mechanical strength and is suitable for cold forming.Pulp & Paper Industry, Water, Food, Construction, Automotive, Desalinationcrash barriers, desalination cladding of paper machines, oil tanks juice tanks, automotive structures
1.4462X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-2205S 32205Duplex grade 2205 (1.4062) is a dual-phase Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel. It is the most widely used Duplex grade, achieving high yield strength while maintaining sufficient ductility. With good weldability and formability, it also offers high design strength, allowing for a reduction in section thickness. The corrosion resistance is comparable to Austenitic grades 304 (1.4301) and 301 (1.4310) demonstrating outstanding resistance to stress-corrosion cracking, crevice, pitting, erosion and general corrosion even in the most severe environments.Automotive, Chemical Processing, Transport, Springs & Pressings, Decorative, Oil and Gas, Marinepulp and paper processing, desalination, automotive trim, offshore platforms, oil and gas processing equipment chemical processing, transport applications
1.4362X2CrNiN23–4-2304S 32304Duplex Grade 2304 (1.4362) is a dual-phase Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel with low carbon content. It proves good resistance to corrosion with comparable corrosion resistance to Austenitic grade 316L (1.4404/ 1.4432). However it has superior mechanical properties, offering much higher proof strength compared to both Austenitic Stainless Steels 304 (1.4301) and 316L (1.4404/ 1.4432). It has weight saving benefits in certain applications and is well suited for pressure vessel applications. It can operate in temperatures between -50°C (-58°F) and 300°C (572°F). Other properties include good weldability and good toughness.Automotive, Chemical Processing, Transport, Paper and Pulp, Food Processingpulp and paper processing, pressure vessels, desalination, automotive trim, chemical processing, transport applications
1.4410X2CrNiMoN25–7-4-2507S 32750Duplex 2507 (1.4410) is considered a super duplex grade. As a dual-phase Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel, it provides superior resistance to all corrosion with excellent protection from chloride stress corrosion cracking. It is ideally suited for service in highly corrosive conditions. It also benefits from high thermal conductivity, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion alongside high mechanical strength and good weldability. However, it is not recommended for applications requiring prolonged exposure to temperatures above 299.°C (570 °F) due to a potential reduction in toughness.Automotive, Chemical Processing, Marine, Oil and Gaspulp and paper processing, desalination, automotive trim, seawater systems, heat exchangers, oil and gas equipment, offshore platforms, chemical processing, vessels, piping, desalination
1.4662X2CrNiMoN22–5-3-(LDX) 2404S 82441Duplex Alloy (LDX) 2404 (1.4662) is an Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel with high contents of Chromium and Nitrogen. This alloy offers both high corrosion resistance and a higher mechanical strength when compared to other common Duplex materials. Other properties include good fatigue resistance and good weldability, making it ideal for multiple applications.Automotive, Chemical Processing, Marine, Oil and Gas, Energy, Architecturalstructural components, piping systems, pulp and paper processing, heat exchangers, water treatment and desalination, offshore platforms, storage tanks, pressure vessels
1.4162X2CrMnNiN21–5-1-(LDX) 2101S 32101Duplex Alloy (LDX) 2101 (1.4162) is a low-alloyed, general purpose Austenitic-Ferritic Stainless Steel. It offers good general corrosion resistance, high sulphide and chloride stress corrosion resistance and overall good strength and weldability.Chemical, Water Treatment, Paper & Pulpchemical processing vessels and piping. pulp and paper mill equipment, water treatment tanks

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