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Orthodontic & Medical Wire

KPW’s high quality wire is used in the medical industry for applications as diverse as needles for diabetes testing, wire windings for scanning magnets and wire for bone fixing procedures.

We have a specialism in the manufacture of orthodontic wire through our brand K.C.Smith Ortho Ltd which supplies orthodontic laboratories, dental technicians, dental schools, the National Health Service (NHS) and universities.

Principal materials are stainless steels in both 302 and 316 condition. These are produced in a variety of tempers, but the most common are fully hard or annealed.

Special strengthening wires are produced either by rolling a profile into the wire or by producing stranded wires which are then rolled flat. Wire is supplied on a range of spool sizes, coils or straight lengths, with the vast majority of products available from stock.

Other products supplied by KC Smith Ortho includes stainless steel tubes, gauze and flat plates.

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