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Available Copper Alloy Grades

Cu-ETP / CW004A / C11000 / C101

Cu-HCP / CW021A / C10300 / C102

Cu-OF / CW008A / C10300 / C103

Cu-DHP / CW024A / C12200 / C106

Cu-ETP1 / CW003A

CuZn30 / CW505L / C26000 / CZ106

CuZn33 / CW506L / C26800 / CZ107

CuZn37 / CW508L / C27200 / CZ108

CW501L / CZ101

CW503L / CZ103

CuZn36 / CW507L

CuZn36Pb3 / C36000

CuSn5 / CW451 K / C51000 / PB102

CuSn6 / CW452K / C51900 / PB103

CuSn8 / CW451K

CuNi10Zn27/ CW401J / C74500 / NS103

CuNi12Zn24 / CW403J / C75700 / NS104

CuNi18Zn20 / CW409J / C76400 / NS106

CuNi18Zn27 / CW410J / C77000 / NS107

CuNi9Sn2 / Alloy 725 / CW351H / C72500

CB101 / C17200

1.8% Be/Cu / CB101 / C17200

CuBe2 / CW101C/ CB101 / C17201

Alloy 174 / C17410

Alloy 194 / C19400

Enamelled Copper Grade 1

Enamelled Copper Grade 2

What are the benefits of using Copper Alloys?

Copper Alloys offer many manufacturing benefits including strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance, machinability and ductility. With superior electrical and thermal conductivity, and an attractive appearance, Copper Alloys are suitable for a wide range of applications.

What are the disadvantages of using Copper Alloys?

Copper Alloys can be more susceptible to corrosion, particularly oxidation. which can impact its suitability for some applications.

Material Overview

Copper Alloys Overview

Copper and Copper Alloys form an important group of metals with many excellent properties. They have very good electrical and thermal conductivities, offering twice the conductivity of Aluminium and thirty times the conductivity of Stainless Steel. Copper Alloys have high ductility and are easy to fabricate, with ease of brazing and solderability. This group has many advantageous characteristics and includes alloys of exceptional strength (notably Copper Beryllium Alloys), corrosion resistance, and antimicrobial properties. The characteristics of Copper and Copper Alloys have resulted in extensive use of those alloys in a very wide range of applications. Copper is most commonly used in electrical and electronic applications, accounting for half of the Copper produced today. These Alloys can be formed, pressed, deep drawn or photochemically etched into the most complex of shapes.

In general terms, the important commercial alloy groups are:

Commercially Pure High Conductivity Copper

The various coppers within this group have differing degrees of purity and consequently exhibit different characteristics. For high conductivity requirements, such as electrical components, Oxygen-free Coppers are required. The extra purity enhances ductility and gives freedom from Hydrogen embrittlement or blistering during brazing operations.


Available Grades





Brasses are Copper based alloys with Zinc as the essential secondary ingredient. The addition of Zinc to Copper creates a lower cost alloy with superior cold working strength to Copper but at the expense of reduced conductivity. The degree of alloying gives a varying range of properties that include strength, hardness, thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, machinability, and ductility. The difference in alloying also creates a range of colours, ranging from red, yellow, gold, bronze, silver and brown, consequently making Brass ideal for decorative applications. Additionally, Brass is used in a wide range of applications, including Precision Stamping and Processing. Thanks to antimicrobial properties, they are highly beneficial in hospital environments and brewery facilities. An additional benefit of Brass is its recycling ability.


Available Grades

Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronzes are Copper Tin alloys, often referred to as Phos Bronze or Tin Bronze. They contain up to 7% Tin and a small quantity of Phosphorus, which is a residual from the deoxidation of the Copper melt before the addition of Tin. By increasing the Tin content, you can increase the corrosion resistance and improve the strength of the alloy. Additionally, Phosphor Bronzes offer good wear resistance, and thermal and electrical conductivity and can be significantly hardened by cold working to give excellent spring properties. This Alloy dates back over 4000 years, where it was found in weapons, armour, tools and decorative items such as jewellery. In modern manufacturing, it has many applications, notably in the Marine, Chemical and Aerospace Sectors.


Available Grades
PB 102 / C51000
PB103 / C51900

Nickel Silver, Cupronickel and High Copper Content Alloys

Unlike the name suggests, Nickel Silver alloys are a combination of Copper, Nickel and Zinc and actually contain no Silver. They take their name from their silvery appearance and their ability to be polished to a high lustre. The similarity in appearance to Silver consequently resulted in Nickel Silvers being widely used for adding decorative finishes to products, including jewellery, tableware and musical instruments. Their mechanical properties are somewhat similar to Brass Alloys. However, the addition of Nickel provides superior resistance to stress corrosion cracking and tarnishing. Modern manufacturing has grown to include telecommunications components and food manufacturing equipment in addition to their traditional applications.

The most important commercial Copper Alloys are those with a content ratio 90/10 Copper Nickel and 70/30 Copper Nickel. Whilst 70/30 has greater salt water resistance and strength, 90/10 is more common as it is less expensive with overall good properties for a range of applications. Cupronickels have good formability and excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, making them ideal for Marine and Offshore applications. One of the key High Copper Content Alloys we supply is Alloy 194. Alloy 194 has 2.3% iron with small additions of Phosphorus and Zinc, with excellent resistance to softening, being able to withstand temperatures of 300°C and more for a few minutes. This is particularly beneficial for leadframe applications.

Available Grades

C74500 / NS103
C75700 / NS104
C76400 / NS106
C77000 / NS107

Copper Beryllium Alloys

Copper Beryllium Alloys are precipitation hardening alloys possessing remarkable strength, elasticity and fatigue resistance and good resistance to corrosion. This makes them ideal for a number of demanding industry sectors such as Petrochemical, Oil and Gas and Mining. The fatigue and elasticity of Beryllium Copper are useful in pressure responsive components such as spring applications. It is also increasingly machined into miniaturised components, required by Electronics and Telecommunication manufacturing for everyday items such as mobiles, laptops and tablets. The principal compositions consist of around 1.6% to 2.0% Beryllium, with a small addition of Cobalt to refine grain size. We can supply these alloys can in the following forms:

i) Solution treated (Annealed), or
ii) Solution treated & temper rolled, i.e. 1/4 Hard, 1/2 Hard, Hard, etc.


Available Grades
Alloy 174
Alloy 194

Chemical and Mechanical Composition

Chemical Properties
Symbol/ NameNumberUNSBS 2870CuBeCoFeMnNiPPbSnZnOthersImpurities
Cu-ETPCW004AC11000C10199.9 min------0.005--Bi: 0.0005 O: 0.04-
Cu-ETP1CW003AC11040-Available by Request
Cu-HCPCW021AC10300C10299.95 min-----0.002 - 0.007-----
Cu-OFCW008AC10200C10399.95 min------0.005--Bi: 0.00050.03
Cu-DHPCW024AC12200C10699.9 min-----0.005 - 0.0130.005---0.03
-CW501L-CZ101Available by Request
-CW503L-CZ103Available by Request
CuZn30CW505LC26000CZ10669.0 - 71.0--0.05-0.3-0.050.1BalanceAl: 0.020.1
CuZn33CW506LC26800CZ10766.0 - 68.0--0.05-0.3-0.050.1BalanceAl: 0.020.1
CuZn36CW507L--Available by Request
CuZn36Pb3-C36000-Available by Request
CuZn37CW508LC27200CZ10862.0 - 64.0--0.1-0.3-0.10.1BalanceAl: 0.050.1
CuSn5CW451KC51000PB102Balance--0.1-0.20.01 - - 5.50.2Al: 0.050.2
CuSn6CW452KC51900PB103Balance--0.1-0.20.01 - - 7.00.2Al: 0.050.2
CuSn8CW453K--Available by Request
CuNi10Zn27CW401JC74500NS10361.0 - 64.0-- - 11.0-0.05-Balance-0.2
CuNi12Zn24CW403JC75700NS10463.0 - 66.0--0.30.511.0 - 13.0-0.030.03Balance-0.2
CuNi18Zn20CW409JC75200NS10660.0 - 63.0--0.30.517.0 - 19.0-0.030.03Balance-0.2
CuNi18Zn27CW410JC77000NS10753.0 - 56.0--0.30.517.0 - 19.0-0.030.03Balance-0.2
CuNi9Sn2 (Alloy 725)CW351HC72500Balance-- - 10.5-0.031.8 - 2.80.1-0.1
( Alloy 174 )C17410-Balance0.15 - 0.50.35 - 0.6--------0.5
( 1.8% Be/Cu )C17200CB101Balance1.7 - 1.9-------* (Ni + Co) 0.05 - 0.400.5
( Alloy 25 )C17200CB101Balance1.8 - 2--------* (Ni + Co) 0.2 min *(Co + Ni + Fe) 0.6 max0.5
CuBe2CW101CC17200CB101Balance1.8 -
(Alloy 194)C19400-97.0 min--2.10 - 2.60--0.015 - - 0.2--
Grade 1---Available by Request
Grade 2---Available by Request
Mechanical Properties (Strip)
MATERIAL DESIGNATION EN1652 or AlloyNEAREST FITMaterial Condition (R Value)Proof Strength 0.2% Min (N/mm2)Tensile Strength (N/mm2)Elong. % Min. (50mm Gauge Length)Hardness Max (VPN)
Symbol/ NameNumberUNSBS 2870
Cu-ETPCW004AC11000C101R220140 Max220-2603340-65
R240180 Min240-360865-95
R290250 Max290-360490-110
R360320 Min360 Min2110 Min
Cu-HCPCW021AC10300C102R220140 Max220-2603340-65
R240180 Min240-360865-95
R290250 Max290-360490-110
R360320 Min360 Min2110 Min
Cu-OFCW008AC26000C103R220140 Max220-2603340-65
R240180 Min240-360865-95
R290250 Max290-360490-110
R360320 Min360 Min2110 Min
Cu-DHPCW024AC12200C106R220140 Max220-2603340-65
R240180 Min240-360865-95
R290250 Max290-360490-110
R360320 Min360 Min2110 Min
CuZn30CW505LC26000CZ106R270160 Max270-3204055-95
R350170 Min350-4302195-125
R410260 Min410-4909120-155
R480430 Min480 Min-150 Min
CuZn33CW506LC26800CZ107R280170 Max280-3804055-90
R350170 Min350-4302390-125
R420300 min420-5006125-155
R500450 Min500 Min-155 Min
CuZn37CW508LC27200CZ108R300180 Max300-3703855-95
R350170 Min350-4401995-125
R410300 Min410-4908120-155
R480430 Min480-5603150-180
R550500 Min550 Min-170 Min
CuSn5CW451KC51000PB102R310250 Max310-3904575-105
R400240 Min400-50014120-160
R490450 Min490-5808160-190
R550520 Min550-6404180-210
R630600 Min630-7203200-230
R690670 Min690 Min-220 Min
CuSn6CW452KC51900PB103R350300 Max350-4204580-110
R420260 Min420-52017125-165
R500450 Min500-5908160-190
R560500 Min560-6505180-210
R640600 Min640-7303200-230
R720690 Min720 Min-220 Min
CuNi10Zn27CW401JC74500NS103R360230 Max360-4303580-110
R430230 Min430-5108110-150
R490400 Min490-5808150-180
R550480 Min550-640-170-200
R620580 Min620 Min2190 Min
CuNi12Zn24CW403JC75700NS104R360230 Max360-4303580-110
R430230 Min430-5108110-150
R490400 Min490-5808150-180
R550480 Min550-640-170-200
R620580 Min620 Min2190 Min
CuNi18Zn20CW409JC76400NS106R380250 Max380-4502785-115
R450250 Min450-5209115-160
R500410 Min500-5903160-190
R580510 Min580-670-180-210
R640600 Min640-730-200-230
CuNi18Zn27CW410JC77000NS107R390280 Max390-4703090-120
R470280 Min470-54011120-170
R540450 Min540-6303170-200
R600550 Min600-700-190-220
R700660 Min700-8002220-250
CuNi9Sn2 (Alloy 725)CW351HC72500-R340250 Max340-4103070-100
R380200 Min380-4708110-150
R450370 Min450-5304140-170
R500450 Min500-5802160-190
R560520 Min560-650-180-210
( Alloy 174 )C17410-172 Hard (Solution Heat Treated, Cold Rolled and Precipitation Hardened at the Mill)410 Min650 Min10180-230
Hard (Solution Heat Treated, Cold Rolled and Precipitation Hardened at the Mill)480 Min760 Min7210-280
( 1.8% Be/Cu )C17200CB101R410* (Solution Heat Treated & Cold Rolled)250 Max410 Min2090-150
( Alloy 25 )R580* (Solution Heat Treated & Cold Rolled)510 Min580 Min8180-250
CuBe2CW101CR1130** (Solution Heat Treated, Cold Rolled and Precipitation Hardened at the Mill)890 Min1130 Min3340-410
R1200** (Solution Heat Treated, Cold Rolled and Precipitation Hardened at the Mill)980 Min1200 Min2360-420
(Alloy 194)C19400-R300240 Max300-3401680-100
R340240 Min340-3908100-120
R370330 Min370-4306120-140
R420380 Min420-4806130-150
R470440 Min470-5304140-160
R520470 Min520-5803150-165
Grade 1---Available by Request
Grade 2---Available by Request
Mechanical Properties (Wire)
Material Designation EN 12166 : 1998Nearest FitMaterial ConditionU.T.S Rm N/mm²Elongation 50 % min;
SymbolNumberUNSBS 2873
Cu-ETPCW 004AC 10100C 101Annealed220 – 26033
Cu-ETP1CW003AC11040-Available by Request
Cu-OFCW 008AC 10300C 103Annealed220 – 26033
-CW501L-CZ101Available by Request
-CW503L-CZ103Availalbe by Request
Cu Zn 30CW 505 LC 26000CZ 106Annealed310 – 41040
1/2 Hard540 – 640
Hard620 – 720
CuZn36CW507L--Available by Request
CuZn36Pb3-C36000-Available by Request
Cu Zn 37CW 508 LC 27200CZ 108Annealed300 – 38035
1/2 Hard560 – 700
Hard700 min
Cu Sn 5CW 451 KC 51000PB 102Annealed330 – 42045
1/2 Hard500 – 600
Hard690 – 850
Spring Hard850 min
Cu Sn 6CW 452 KC 51900PB 103Annealed360 – 44060
1/2 Hard530 – 630
Hard740 – 900
Spring Hard900 min
CuSn8CW453K--Available by Request
Cu Ni 10 Zn 27 Cu Ni 12 Zn 24CW 401 J CW 403 JC 74500 C 75700NS 103 NS 104Annealed370 – 48030
1/2 Hard560 – 660
Hard660 – 780
Cu Ni 18 Zn 20CW 409 JC 75200NS 106Annealed420 – 54030
1/2 Hard600 – 700
Hard700 – 800
Cu Be 2CW 101 CC 17200CB 101Annealed400 – 60030
Grade 1---Available by Request
Grade 2---Available by Request

Material Applications and Features

Features and Applications
MATERIAL DESIGNATION BSEN1652 (Strip) BSEN12166 (Wire)NEAREST FITKey FeaturesKey MarketsApplications
Symbol/ NameNumberUNSBS 2870 (Strip) BS 2873 (Wire)
Cu-ETPCW004AC11000C101Cu-ETP has no susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement as well as a high electrical conductivity of 101% IACS. This is due to a high purity and an absence of deoxidisers.Architectural, Chemical Engineering, Culinary, ElectricalElectrical Components, Chemical Process Equipment, Radiators, Kitchen Appliances, Conductors, Transformer Windings, Wire: Shapes, Knitting, Braiding, Weaving
Cu-ETP1CW003AC11040-Available by Request
Cu-HCPCW021AC10300C102Cu-HCP is a de-oxidised,oxygen-free Copper with a low residual phosphorus content. Offers excellent formability and weldability, as well as good soldering and brazability.Electrical, ManufacturingElectrical Contacts & cable Industry, Pressure Vessels
Cu-OFCW008AC10200C103Cu-OF is a High purity Copper Oxygen Free (maximum of 10ppm) alloy, offering 100% IACS. It is immune from hydrogen embrittlement and offers similar formability to Cu-ETP.Electronics, TelecommunicationsPrinted Circuits, Electronic Components, Telecommunication Cables
Cu-DHPCW024AC12200C106Cu-DHP is a de-oxidised, non-arsenical, oxygen-free 99.9% pure Copper, with limited residual phosphorus content. It offers excellent formability and weldability, as well as good corrosion resistance. This makes it ideal for applications where electrical conductivity is only of secondary importance.Architectural, Electrical, PlumbingPiping & Fittings, Heat Exchangers, Transistors, Air/Hydraulic/Oil Lines
-CW501L-CZ101Available by Request
-CW503L-CZ103Available by Request
CuZn30CW505LC26000CZ106CuZn30 is a solid solution strengthened Brass. The added 30% Zinc increases mechanical strength, but decreases conductivity. It offers the maximum ductility of the CuZn alloys and has good deep drawing properties.Electronics, DecorativeConnectors, Electronic Components, Jewellery, Model Making, Ferrules, Switches
CuZn33CW506LC26800CZ107CuZn33 is a solid solution strengthened Brass with 33% Zinc, increasing the inclination for stress cracking corrosion compared to CuZn30..Automotive, Electrical EngineeringElectrical Components, Connectors, Clips, Springs
CuZn36CW507L--Available by Request
CuZn36Pb3-C36000-Available by Request
CuZn37CW508LC27200CZ108Considered a general purpose Copper alloy, CuZn37 has Zinc additions of 37%. Higher Zinc additions increase the inclination for stress cracking corrosion. This Copper alloy is ideal for simple forming operationsElectronics, Plumbing, DecorativeElectric Brackets, Springs, Hose Couplings, Clips, Radiator Cores, Contacts, Wire: Knitting and Weaving for RFI Applications
CuSn5CW451KC51000PB102CuSn5 is a solid solution strengthened Brass with 5% tin. It provides a good combination of conductivity and strength with good formability and resistance to corrosion and fatigue.Automotive, Electrical EngineeringConnectors, Springs, Stamped Parts, Contacts, Wire Shapes, Lock Levers, Switches
CuSn6CW452KC51900PB103Alloy CuSn6 has a higher tin content than CuSn5 providing higher tensile strength, corrosion resistance and spring characteristics. It is wear resistant and offers is generally used for more severe service conditions than CuSn5.Automotive, Electrical Engineering, Paper and Pulp Industry, Chemical IndustryFlexible Hoses, Springs, Conductive Springs, Contacts, Switches, Brushes
CuSn8CW453K--Available by Request
CuNi10Zn27CW401JC74500NS103CuNi10Zn27 is a Copper Alloy with good corrosion resistance in rural and marine atmospheres. It has excellent cold working properties and is suitable for various forming processes. It offers many benefits including good formability, readily soldered or brazed and attractive colour. However, it has poor hot working characteristics.Decorative, Industrial, MarineNameplates, Light & Optical Fittings, Door Kicking Plates, Trophies. Springs, Contacts, Model Making, Jewellery
CuNi12Zn24CW403JC75700NS104Similarly to CuNi10Zn27, CuNi12Zn24 has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, offering resistance to both neutral and alkaline solutions, however resistance to oxidising acids is poor. The alloy has good cold forming properties but poor machinability.Industrial, Telecommunications, Decorative, MarineRelay Springs, Contact Springs, Connectors, Pressure Membranes, Engraved Name Plates
CuNi18Zn20CW409JC76400NS106CuNi18Zn20 has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion with good cold formability and spring properties. It is suitable for many decorative applications and becomes progressively whiter with increased nickel content. It has a much lower sensitivity to SCC than Brasses.Electronics, Telecommunications, DecorativeShielding, Connectors, Relay Springs, Engraved Name Plates, Decorative Purposes, Brush Anchor Wire, Pins, Jewellery
CuNi18Zn27CW410JC77000NS107CuNi18Zn27 provides good corrosion resistance, good formability, and good tarnish resistance. Its colour makes it ideal for decorative purposes.Electronics, Telecommunications, DecorativeShielding, Connectors, Relay Springs, Engraved Name Plates, Decorative Purposes
CuNi9Sn2 (Alloy 725)CW351HC72500-With a good combination of fatigue strength, formability and resistance to corrosion, CuNi9Sn2 (Alloy 725) offering manufacturers many benefits, particularly for electrical components.Telecommunications, ElectronicsCircuit Breaker Components, Relay & Switch Springs, Bellows, Clamps
( Alloy 174 )C17410-Alloy 174 is a mill hardened alloy.Automotive, TelecommunicationsAutomotive Terminals, Spring Contacts
( 1.8% Be/Cu )C17200CB101This Copper Beryllium grade offers the highest strength of any Copper alloy, with excellent ductility and formability. It also possesses greater electrical conductivity than other high strength alloys making it ideally suited for manufacturing within the electronics sector.Electronics, Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Oil and Gas, FoodElectrical Contacts, Pressure Sensor Bellows, EM Shielding Gaskets, Connectors, Oilfield Drilling Collars, Instrument Housing, Aerospace Bushings/bearings, Fasteners
( Alloy 25 )C17200CB101
Alloy 194C19400--Alloy 194 is considered a high performance alloy, offering excellent formability, high strength and good electrical conductivity. It also has good resistance to softening.Telecommunications, Electronics, AutomotiveCircuit Breaker Components, Relay & Switch Springs, Bellows, Clamps Fuel Injectors, Electrical Connectors, Contact Springs, Lead Frames, Plug Contacts, Fuse Clips, Terminal
Grade 1---Available by Request
Grade 2---Available by Request

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