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Our Partners

Established in 1940, Knight Strip Metals is now one of Europe's largest independent suppliers and processors of precision strip.  High performance and specialty alloys are available 0.0125mm (0.0005") thick and from 0.70mm (0.028") wide to 1000mm, processed to suit the needs of manufacturers around the globe.  Renown for the highest quality and a comprehensive range of approvals, KSM serves industries where material quality, conformance, and reliable supply are crucial.

Knight Precision Wire is a specialist precision wire supplier and processor, offering high performance alloy wire from 0.05mm (0.002in) diameter. Wire solutions include round or shaped wire, strands, bunches, braids, tapes, and strip wire products for a multitude of applications.  With unparalleled quality and an impressive range of industry approvals and accreditations, KPW supplies provides custom wire solutions with a minimal lead time for niche applications across key manufacturing sectors.

Elgliloy Specialty Metals produces high-performance nickel cobalt, titanium, and specialty alloy precision strip and wire products. Through their network of precision flat rolling mills, wire drawing, precision slitting, Elgiloy offers a wide selection of over 50 alloys in both precision strip and wire including specialty alloys for critical industrial applications where failure isn't an option.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products is a leading global manufacturer of high purity strip, foil and ultra-thin foil, clad plate, specialty shaped wire products, metal powders and more.  Their alloy range, designed for critical applications, includes  titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloys, as well as copper, aluminium, molybdenum, chromium grades.  Ametek provides material solutions when no one else can.