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Precision Metals EU are key Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy suppliers to Automotive manufacturers around the globe. The modern Automotive marketplace demands designs that combine safety, performance and increasingly environmental solutions. The Automotive market is expanding, and when creating vehicles of the future, material selection is a key factor in bringing design innovations to life.

Automotive manufacturers across the globe are increasingly under pressure to improve fuel economy and emissions to meet new standards and legislation. Whilst traditionally, steel was the material of choice, the beneficial properties of newer alloys provide superior material solutions for today’s manufacturers. Aluminium has been popular in luxury car manufacturing for over two decades, due to combining low density, corrosion resistance and malleability. Consequently, its use has expanded across the industry sector. Due to being significantly lighter in weight than Steel, Aluminum allows manufacturers to reduce overall vehicle weight, which in turn, increases fuel efficiency. Furthermore, Aluminium is highly malleable, and fabrication is both easier and faster, consequently reducing production costs. As a result, Aluminium is ideal for body panels, wheels and engines.

Performance Nickel Alloys equally provide invaluable material solutions. These alloys are able to withstand extreme stress and temperature conditions. These characteristics ultimately make them ideal for use not only in engine components but also in a wide range of vehicle components, including batteries. As the market for environmentally friendly electric vehicles and hybrids continues to grow, Nickel Alloy use is likely to increase.

Copper, a traditional workhorse material, is a key material in the manufacturing of both traditional combustion engines and their environmentally friendly counterpart, electric vehicles.

Why choose us as your strip and wire supplier for automotive applications?

Precision Metals EU have established relationships with large international manufacturers, supplying large volumes with quick turnaround times. A key aspect of our supply into the automotive industry is Just In Time (JIT). We have considerable experience in sourcing, processing and supplying materials to a variety of automotive manufacturers and models on a JIT basis – which has only been possible due to our excellent Quality Management processes and stock holding facilities. This has helping us to secure competitive pricing for all our customers, whether they need regular large quantities of performance metals, or small volumes to suit prototypes and small production runs.

Key Materials for Automotive Applications:

1050 / AW-1050 / A91050

1050A / AW-1050A / A91050A

1060 / AW-1060 / A91060

1070 / AW-1070 / A91070

1070A / AW-1070A / A91070A

1100 / AW-1100 / A91100

1200 / AW-1200 / A91200

1230 / AW-1230/ A91230

1235 / AW-1235 / A91235

1350 / AW-1350 / A1350

6061 / AW-6061 / A96061

6082 / AW-6082 / A96082

Alloy 201 / N02201

Alloy X / HASTELLOY® X / 2.4665 / N06002

Alloy 600 / INCONEL® 600 / 2.4816 / N06600

Alloy 601 / INCONEL® 601 / 2.4851 / N06601

Alloy 625 / INCONEL® 625 / 2.4856/ N06625

Alloy 214 / HAYNES® 214 / 2.4646/ N07214

Alloy C 276 /HASTELLOY® C-276 / 2.4819 / N10276

Alloy 718 / INCONEL® 718 / 2.4668/ N07718

Alloy X750 / INCONEL® X-750 / N07750

RENE 41 / 2.4973/ N07041

INCOLOY® A-286 / 1.4980 /S66286

Nilo® K / K94610 / 29/18

1.4310 / 301 / S 30100

1.4541 / 321 / S 32100

1.4833 / 309 / S 30908

1.4113 / 434 / S 43400

1.4016 / 430 / S 43000

Nilo® K / K94610 / 29/18

1.4062 / 2202 / S 32202

1.4462 / 2205 / S 32205

1.4362 / 2304 / S 32304

1.4410 / 2507 / S 32750

1.4662 / (LDX) 2404 / S 82441

Major automotive customers include:




Aston Martin

A variety of F1 teams, including Red Bull and McLaren

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