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Braid Protection & Reinforcement

Braid Protection & Reinforcement

Braid is produced for protection and reinforcement of hoses and cables to suit customers’ end applications.

We specialize in over-braiding customer supplied hoses or cables. This may be for a decorative purpose or to protect the cable or hose from external impact damage or kinking. Over braiding is also important for reinforcement of high pressure hoses.

Materials include:

Bare copper
Tinned copper
Enamelled copper
Galvanized mild steel
Aluminium and aluminium alloy
Stainless steel
Cotton and other textiles

Knight Precision Wire are specialist manufacturers of Wire and Cable and can provide free quotations on your requirements. Please get in touch to arrange this.

Textile Braiding
Over-braiding of either free issue or supplied cables, conductors, hoses or other cores in a range of textile yarns including:

Kevlar / Twaron (Black or Yellow)
Specialists in hose braiding.

Glass Braided Motor Winding Wires
We are the only UK manufacturers of ‘Laid Straight’ glass braided armature wires. Up to 150 ends of 0.355mm copper.